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Articles and Writing

I have written articles for a huge number of publications on many subjects. I have a particular interest in LGBTQ+ history, underrepresented audiences in heritage and mythology and folklore. Please see below for some examples of my work and get in touch if you are looking for a commission!


Queering the vikings

Art UK Article (Aug 2018)

Mermaids: A Queer Twist In The Tail

Metro (Sep 2018)

Telling someone they don’t ‘seem gay’ is not a compliment

National Theatre (May 2018)

'Boring Camp and Squalid Promiscuity’ – The Queer Soho of Absolute Hell

Gay Star News (July 2018)

Meet the gay man who is paid to be a mermaid hunter

Cemmetary Club (Feb 2018)

Sarah and Anne

RMG Blog (March 2018)

Who Owns History? Museums In The Wake Of 'Black Panther'

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